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Advantages over Granular salt for water Purification

  • Salt crystals are pure crystalline structures composed of pure NaCl molecules: the crystalline structure is evidence of extremely pure salt ensuring no other contaminants or insolubles that would otherwise interfere with the crystallisation process.
  • Salt crystals do not ‘collapse’ after being submerged in the water/brine tank of the softener because the crystal only dissolves into brine at the crystal water interface. Compacted tablets/granules are made by mechanically compressing powder/grains of salt and can fall apart as the water ‘soaks’ into the matrix causing it to collapse back into its component granules. This results in a very low salt mass to water surface area ratio which can lead to accumulating deposits of ‘slumped’ salt powder in brine tanks. This necessitates the regular flushing of tanks. With crystals of course the crystal just dissolves continually until completely in solution.
  • 5-15 mm is an optimum size distribution to maximise water flow. The cubic crystal shape assists to maintain water volume and flow on all sides of the crystal.