Tysafe - Signane

At TYSAFE we believe an effective Health & Safety Audit will outline the main areas of non-compliance and will act as an action plan for correction of any current problems within your workplace. At TYSAFE, our full qualified and experienced consultants can ensure that you are legally compliant under the current Health and Safety legislation. We can provide a comprehensive workplace auditing service to ensure legal compliance and that “best practice” is being achieved

On completion of the Health and Safety Audit inspection, you will be issued with a high written inspection sheet (if necessary) outlining any immediate concerns, then shortly afterwards a typed audit report will be issued outlining the findings / observations and corrective action required

Our consultancy services range from providing a one-off workplace audit or if preferred, an indefinite service over an extended length of time. Dependent on your needs, we will sit down with you in partnership and tailor the consultancy to your requirements. This implementation plan will be developed in partnership with your safety representatives/safety team at a pace and timetable that suits your requirements. If required, we can train individuals to become competent Health and Safety representatives for your business. We can also assist with the development of a comprehensive implementation plan stemming from the recommendations of the health and safety audit.